More than half of small- and medium-sized businesses are unprepared to to deal with the effects of data loss, a network outage and various other forms of IT disaster, according to a recent report from security software vendor Symantec.

Fifty-seven percent of small businesses – five to 99 employees – said they have no disaster recovery plan in place. The number is slightly lower for medium-sized business – 100 to 1,000 employees – but not by much at 47 percent.

Among the respondents without a plan, 41 percent said implementing one had never occurred to them. Thirty-six percent intend to draft a plan in the next six months.

But perhaps the most frightening results of the study concern is how companies view computer systems. A staggering 52 percent of respondents without a disaster recovery plan said they don’t view computer systems as business critical. That amounts to about 25 percent of all companies surveyed.

Data loss prevention measures and disaster recovery plans are essential for companies to recover from incidents. The Symantec study also reports that the median cost of downtime for an SMB is $12,500 per day.
Needless to say using an online backup service is probably the most simple and straight forward start you can make with regards to recovering your data in the event of a disaster.
For most SME businesses its simple easy and very cost effective.
More complex full scale disaster recovery plans are also essential in many cases but require more specialised planning and implementation.