About Us

Your Backup Is Our Business

BackupVault® is an Online Backup and Disaster Recovery service specialist.  BackupVault® was born out a need to ease the burden of traditional tape storage which is time consuming and precarious. We help organisations of all sizes protect the investment they’ve made in their data.

Launched in 2004 Host-it’s BackupVault® was one of the first services to deliver online backup and shortly thereafter disaster recovery in Ireland. BackupVault’s® technology has transformed data storage and disaster recovery into a best-practice solution that is affordable for every organisation. BackupVault® removes the hassle from backing up by providing all the benefits of local disk-based back ups, including high reliability and fast recovery without up-front investment or on-going media management tasks.

BackupVault® is the partner of choice for many of Ireland’s top IT providers, allowing organisations of all sizes take advantage of IT-best-practices at the most competitive rates.  Based in Bracken Business Park Sandyford we are 100% Irish owned and operated. We store all data locally in our Irish Data Centres to allow for instant retrieval.